Sylvan Hills Christian SERVICE Camp abounds with many opportunities to exercise your God-given abilities through acts of service. All of our Deans, kitchen helpers, and summer staff are volunteers. Many of our major work projects are accomplished through the help of gracious volunteers. In fact, the ministry of Sylvan Hills could not continue to exist without the hundreds of hours of service that are freely given each year!

Below is a list of available serving opportunities at Sylvan Hills. To apply you will be required to log into your Sylvan Hills Portal Account. Shortly after your information is received, you will hear from a Sylvan Hills Christian Service Camp Staff Member who will guild you through the Volunteer Process.

Types Defined:
Week Volunteer –  Unpaid volunteer who resides the entire duration of the week of camp.
Day Volunteer –  Unpaid volunteer who serves only during a day/multiple days.
Hourly Volunteer  –  Unpaid volunteer who serves only during a given time frame per day/days.
Full Time Volunteer –  Unpaid volunteer who serves at Sylvan Hills year long.
Committee –  Unpaid volunteer who serves at Sylvan Hills year long attending committee meetings following the vision of God’s will for the camp.
Full Time –  Paid employee who resides at Sylvan Hills year long.
Part Time –  Paid employee who serves at Sylvan Hills only when scheduled.